Vibhor Chandel

Insights on software, agile, scrum, lean and kanban.



My name is Vibhor Chandel. I am a technologist and have worked for various companies as a Programmer, Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

I have been in Agile space since 2007. As an Agile Coach/Scrum Master I facilitate the learning of Agile Mindset for scrum teams. I am passionate about transforming teams and their organizations to doing what they love to do.

I have coached Agile teams in using XP practices such as Test Driven Development, Pair Programming and in deriving the value from 10 min. Builds and Continuous Integration. I have worked in co-located and distributed teams.

With a unique mix of tactical and strategic coaching background, I help IT firms to adopt Agile practices and tools and help them to transform into Agile with the right mindset and cultural attributes. I believe in the value of Servant Leadership as a way to empower teams and supporting them to lead the change.

With the help of this blog I want to share a few tips that I have learned about the world of Agile till date. I am sure that the content is going to evolve over time so please let me know if a particular post needs an update. You can contact me here.

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